H2 Level Biology Tuition

What is H2 Level Biology?

H2 Biology subjects are being given to JC students who are pursuing a track in Biology. Sometimes, it is given as a single subject per term. Other times, when the student shows potential in learning further concepts in the subject, the school may offer him/her with 2 H2 Biology subjects instead of one. Although the load is a bit more difficult than regular, the student will have a more intensive learning experience which he/she can use in college. This is the very reason why many JC students are enrolling in H2 Biology Tuition in Singapore for preparation. Taking more H2 Biology subjects in Junior College will provide you with a better background should you wish to pursue a degree in Biological Science later on. However, with this type of privilege comes the necessary foundation, that foundation can be attained through H2 Biology Tuition. 

As H2 Biology subjects are gearing towards the human anatomy and various functions of the human body, regular JC students who are not taking a supplementary learning course will find it difficult to understand the lessons and might score low on the exams. We have to understand that learning human anatomy and physiology, not to mention, more complex lessons in zoology and botany like taxonomy, can be overwhelming for JC students. Taking an H2 Biology Tuition can make a good leverage for the student to support his/her studies. 

In an H2 Biology tuition, the student will learn the lessons firsthand. Moreover, the students can directly address the grey areas to his/her tutor. It is also helping that the lessons taught in H2 tuition are advanced and can make the student excel in school when that particular topic is being taught. Since learning H2 Biology signifies that the student has chosen to pursue further education in Biological Sciences, another important aspect of taking H2 tuition is that he/she will be more ready and confident when it comes to explaining the concepts in Biology during critical examinations. This can earn the student a good standing and a greater opportunity to pursue Biology in College.

What is the difference between H2 Level and JC level?

H2 Biology is a part of JC level. In junior college, students specialising in a specific field will need to take at least 2 H1 subjects and 1 H2 subject. This is the same for those who are taking Biology as a course. However, for students with greater potential, the school might offer 2 H2 Biology subjects instead of the regular academic load. The main purpose of that is to hone the student’s skills and knowledge using deeper and more intensive study of Biology. While 2 H2 Biology subjects per term entails that the student is gifted in the subject area, that doesn’t mean that an H2 Biology tuition is not necessary.

H2 Biology Tuition will help the student excel in his/her subjects due to the fact that the syllabus for such a tuition is more advanced than the school curriculum. Another thing is that learning the H2 subjects in a more conducive environment will lead to better understanding.

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