A Brief Guide To Choosing Between H1 and H2 Subjects

Guide To Choosing Between H1 and H2 Subjects
Guide To Choosing Between H1 and H2 Subjects

What is the difference between H1 and H2?

The key difference between H1 and H2 subjects is their depth and scope of content. H1 subjects provide foundational knowledge and skills, covering lesser content and consequently a reduced workload. H2 subjects cover significantly more content with greater academic requirements, and are meant to build knowledge and key concepts required for further education in university, as well as having application in daily life.

H2 Math has more elaborate learning on calculus as well as statistical analysis, preparing students to handle complex calculations or run appropriate research analyses for their reports in university. The H2 Biology syllabus covers relevant topics such as vaccination as part of Infectious Diseases, which allows students to better understand current affairs and make sound decisions in our current COVID situation. H2 Biology tuition helps students in Singapore to grasp and internalise complex concepts more effectively through links to daily life, which enables them to score more effectively.

How should my child choose their H2 subjects?

In addition to compulsory subjects such as Project Work and General Paper, students are required to declare 4 content-based subjects. Of these subjects, at least 3 must be H2, and the 4th subject must be contrasting. Students in the Science stream usually take subjects such as Economics from the Humanities and Arts stream, while Arts stream students usually take H1 or H2 Math for their contrasting subject.

When your child is deciding on their desired H2 subjects, there are some things to bear in mind. Their foremost concern should be related to their future education plans in university, which affects the career they will embark on. Fields such as Math, Science, and Engineering usually require a pass in H2 Math, Chemistry, and Physics to be admitted, making these H2 subjects a compulsory choice. In contrast, students in Singapore who are set on enrolling in arts, social sciences, humanities, or business majors may choose to study H1 Math to reduce their workload and have additional time to focus on their other H2 subjects to score well.

H2 Math tuition is essential to prepare students in Singapore for the A Levels. It covers the additional topics such as Vectors, Sequences & Series, Complex Numbers, and calculus subtopics such as integrals and differential equations, building up your child’s familiarity and addressing any misconceptions they may have. Tutors also provide extensive support, consultations, and revision sessions to help your child score well. 

Another important consideration for choosing H2 subjects is your child’s academic performance and ability to pace their learning while balancing out other commitments. Students in top JCs tend to choose 4 H2 subjects, but many find themselves unable to handle the demands, resulting in them downgrading their poorest performing H2 subject to H1 at the end of the first academic year. 

Taking the time to discuss with your child on their ability to handle their desired subject combination goes a long way to avoiding this issue as well as saving invaluable time. H2 tuition also helps your child to improve their understanding of various subjects to cope more effectively. Be it understanding reaction pathways in H2 Biology or reviewing harder topics in H2 Math, tutors supplement your child’s learning and help them embrace their desired university major.

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