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At Pamela’s Place, quality and results are not a mere saying but proven through over hundreds of repeated cases. From various schools and backgrounds, many of my students have excelled from ‘O’ levels to ‘A’ levels, and have continued to believe and strive for distinction! 

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Kayla Yeo, CHIJ St Theresa
‘O’ Level Biology A1
‘O’ Level Chemistry A2

Regardless of how heavy the content is, especially secondary Biology, Ms pam always gives clear explanations by tailoring them to each of her students’ needs. I appreciate how Ms pam makes an effort to link various concepts and gives extra material, giving us an edge from what is taught in school.

Justin Ng, HCI
H2 Biology A
H2 Chemistry A

Ms Pamela was highly patient in guiding us through the various topics and concepts of JC Biology and Chemistry. Her direct and concise teaching methods have certainly allowed me to grasp the concepts well.

Claire Francis, CHIJ Toa Payoh
‘O’ Level Chemistry A2

I loved that each lesson was very engaging, constantly keeping us on our feet with questions being thrown at us left, right and centre during the ‘O’ Level Chemistry class. Ms Pamela provided us with many practice questions and answering techniques, exposing us to the ways to answer different types of examination questions. We are also given very neat and concise topical notes which made my revision process much easier. Overall, I was able to have learn things effectively as well as have fun during my chemistry lessons!!

Sarah Tan, Crescent Girls’
‘O’ Level Biology A1

My tutor was very dynamic and humourous which made lessons quite enjoyable. Concepts were repeated and clarified and emphasis was placed on answering techniques which helped to improve my grade.

Mun Jia, JPJC
H2 Chemistry A

The notes were wonderful and the tutor teaches us not only knowledge but also skills to tackle different types of questions which is also just as important. I thoroughly enjoyed lessons and I always looked forward to all lessons because I’ve learnt a lot and I understood the concepts a lot better.

Nicole Tay, Nanyang Girls’
IP Chemistry A1

I think one commendable aspect would be the fact that she answer my queries in class as well as over text as soon as she can and I know I can turn to her for help. The explanation is always clear and concise! Besides, the recapping of topics was done very well, and the emphasis of particular important points of each topics were very helpful. The pace of the lesson was adequate and suitable! The learning was fruitful and enriching.

Benjamin Ho, Fu Hua Sec
‘O’ Level Chemistry A1

Miss Pamela did extremely well at explaining the chemistry topics. Whenever I attended her lessons, she would always clarify my doubts about chemistry as a whole and would give notes which are very clear and concise. These notes were very helpful in my revision as I was able to memorize the chapters very easily. She is a great chemistry tutor who also taught us great exam skills which are helpful during my O-Levels examinations.

Justin Ng, Hwa Chong
IP Chemistry A
IP Biology A
IP Mathematics A

Ms Pamela is an understanding and devoted tutor. She never fails to provide timely assistance to her students. Ms Pamela’s notes are clear and concise, with keywords greatly emphasized. In addition, her constant emphasis on certain answering techniques has helped me to produce quality answers during the examination. It was overall an enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience. 

Violet Liaw, EJC
H2 Chemistry A

The notes provided were extremely concise and comprehensive – they were a pleasure to read while still having the critical answering structures and key points. The tutor was really effective in her teaching as she kept drilling the key content and going through questions in class, and was able to explain the concepts in many ways. She was also responsive on text and quick to give detailed explanations, a testament to her dedication. The active participation she encouraged in class and the materials she provided (notes & questions) has really seen a huge improvement in my grades within just 2 months and I’m very grateful.

Alicia Tan, Jurong Sec
‘O’ Level E. Math A1
‘O’ Level Add. Math A1

She constantly asked questions which linked topics together which really improved my understanding of the topic. Ms Pamela gave many challenging questions to practise on which makes me think more in depth and be familiar with various types of questions that can come out for examinations. She also promptly replied to all the questions I had.

Amelia Tan, MGS
‘O’ Level Biology A1

It was good when she explained the processes step by step and presented ideas in list form as it is much easier to understand and memorize the information. The topical MCQs given after every topic was taught was also very helpful as I could immediately test my knowledge. She taught skills to organize the points before writing out the essay question which was  systematic and made the question seem less challenging, thus I could answer the question better. 
I feel I could think more independently and be able to handle questions during examinations. Never regretted joining her biology tuition!

Abigail Lim, ACJC
H2 Biology A

I think it’s good that she always ask us questions especially when it’s random topics it helps to memorize stuff better. The extra practices also helped me to remember the right phrasing and also points out the weaker topics. The class was quite enjoyable, thank you!

Shannon Ng, Nanyang Girls’
IP Chemistry A1

Miss Pamela is constantly testing me on concepts and cross topics during lessons because it helps me to constantly memorize topics consistently throughout the year, so that I can be more fluent with the terms and standard answers  instead of having to learn last minute before exams. 

The notes are really clear and concise to help me get a good grasp of the topics learnt. A lot of material provided really helped to strengthen my understanding and allowed me to practice consistently.
Anyways all in all she is the best tutor I’ve ever had! Yay!!! E8 no more!

Kerrie Tan, Dunearn Sec
‘O’ Level Chemistry A1
‘O’ Level Biology A1

The tutor was very patient and friendly.
There was a lot of materials with extra information, so that we understood the
topic better. There was also a lot of practice for each chapter before moving on to the next chapter! The answering techniques that she taught us is really good! It really made me more confident in answering questions! Overall an amazing tutor!

Ines Soh, Hua Yi Sec
‘O’ Level Biology A1

I could understand much better and improved on some of my weaker topics in this class. There are many useful key points which I’ve also picked up from this biology tuition class compared to school. Thank you Ms Pamela for being willing to go through the extra mile to ensure that all of us have completely understood the different topics!

Yee Ting, Hwa Chong
H2 Chemistry A
H2 Biology A

Her teaching style suited my learning style and I could easily remember concepts and details without much effort! I was able to understand all the concepts very easily, even those that I struggled with in the past. The chemistry and biology lessons were very enjoyable.

Darice Wong, Nan Hua Sec
‘O’ Level Chemistry A1

Concise notes & clear explanations when I’m clearing my doubts. Even though I joined the chemistry tuition extremely late (mid June), it was extremely helpful as I improved greatly from E8 in Prelim 1 to B4 in Prelim 2 and got distinction in ‘O’ levels. I thoroughly enjoyed lessons and I always looked forward to all lessons because I’ve learnt a lot and I understood the concepts a lot better.

Andrea Lee, TJC
H2 Chemistry A

The notes was very helpful. It helped me understand the topic very much, and answers for exams questions are usually found in the notes too. Even though it was very pressurizing, it forced me to focus and do faster and more accurately. The chemistry tuition was also very enjoyable which made me look forward to it!

KaiLe, Swiss Cottage Sec
‘O’ Level Chemistry A2
‘O’ Level E. Math A1

Her answering techniques are very applicable and I improved a lot when I’m with her and she made me love Chemistry and Mathematics a lot as I improved like 4 grades to distinction.

Dora Yeo, Kent Ridge Sec
‘O’ Level Biology A1
‘O’ Level Chemistry A2

When I didn’t do as well I lost my love and interest for Chemistry and Biology. However, when she first started teaching me, she slowly clarified my doubts and ensured that the information I learnt would stay in my head, which made it easier for me to revise and do better for both subjects. Even though she has only taught me for nearly a year, I have seen major improvement and understanding in the subjects so thank you Ms Pam!

Kelyn Teo, NJC
H2 Chemistry A

I really appreciate the accurate and quick reply from the questions I ask via text. She is good and clear in her explanations for chemistry questions. Very approachable as Ms Pamela makes me more eager to learn and ask questions.

Mathilda, JPJC
H2 Chemistry A

I like the way the lessons are conducted. The lessons are quite interactive and lively as the chemistry tutor often tests me every lesson, helping me to remember the information. I am able to clarify my doubts and concepts that I am not sure about. The tutor explained it very clearly and ensured that I knew how to answer the type of questions that will be tested. 

Pierre Luo, Hwa Chong
H2 Biology A

She is helpful as she drilled the information into my head to make me memorize better. She also gives useful advice in order to help the class get a good score.

Grace Khoo, New Town Sec
‘O’ Level Chemistry A1

Her explanations and method of going through was very concise & clear. Previously I had difficulty understanding basic concepts, but she broke it down and retaught me my basics patiently even though I’m Sec 4 and should have known all that previously.
She provided all the materials and gave me weekly assignments, it’s a lot easier to learn like that
She is always available to clarify my doubts even outside of lessons.
Her flexibility in tuition sessions helps a lot for someone with a busy schedule and her personality makes her very approachable, makes it much easier to ask questions.

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“I really appreciate the way she would answer queries so promptly every time and wouldn’t compromise on the quality of the answers, even on the internet. Her notes were also really super good and succinct but also encompasses all the content needed for exams.”
– Tanya

“My experience with Ms Pamela was a very pleasant one. She may appear very tough and strict on the outside but she’s very caring on the inside. Her lessons are of GOOD quality and she made me learn to love chemistry a little more.”
– Jaelyn