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PAMELA’S PLACE is the fruit of my academic journey. I have studied Chemistry as a student before and I can relate to how demotivating it can be to not understand the subject. This is why we should not overlook our strengths so we can use them to overcome the lack of motivation. Through the JC and A-level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore being offered here at Pamela’s place, students can find their way to mastering the subject. This is my passion and labour. My students are the testament to this dedication and the very reason behind my commitment to helping more people wholly towards understanding Chemistry and doing well in the subject.

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What is an A-level Chemistry Tuition?

Both A-level Chemistry Tuition and JC Chemistry tuition offer a more advanced learning experience for students and private candidates. The A-level Chemistry Examinations in Singapore seek to test the students’ knowledge and readiness to take on a degree in Chemistry or Applied Chemistry. More often than not students who are aiming to be part of the industries like chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and other chemical industries are eager to score high in the A-level chemistry test not only to enter a good university but also to prepare themselves for the degree course.

What is A-Level H2 Chemistry Tuition about?

A-level Chemistry Tuition is offered for Junior College students who are aiming to get a good score on the A-level Exam for Chemistry. Apart from that, taking A-level tuition will also allow students to understand their H1 and H2 Chemistry lessons better. While passing the O-level Chemistry examination might guarantee a degree of understanding with regards to H1 Chemistry topics, JC H2 Chemistry is a different story. Even for those learners who are adept in this subject, JC H2 Chemistry topics can be very challenging and since those topics are covered in the examination, it will do well for your child to have supplementary learning through the A-level Chemistry Tuition.

Benefits of an A-level H2 Chemistry Tuition

  • It helps the students in understanding difficult JC H2 Chemistry topics. Whether your child is preparing for the upcoming A-level exams or struggling with his H2 Chemistry lessons, A-level Chemistry tuition will work best for him. With a comprehensive syllabus, the learner is expected to develop an in-depth understanding of each topic and apply those concepts to reasonings and practical exercises. 
  • It offers a hands-on learning experience for the students. Unlike in school where the class size can go up to 40 students, A-level chemistry tuition often offers a 1:1 student and tutor ratio or one tutor for a small group of learners. This will significantly affect the students’ learning ability as the barriers to learning will slowly disappear. Noises from his classmates, the heat inside the classroom, the hesitation to ask questions in fear of being laughed at will not be a problem anymore in a tuition centre.
  • Participating in an A-level Tuition Class is a better way of preparing for the examination than letting the learners do it by themselves. Apart from having an A-level tutor that they can ask when they encounter grey areas, especially on JC H2 Chemistry lessons, having a step-by-step learning approach will give the students ample time to process and retain the lessons they learned.

What is the A-level JC H2 Chemistry Syllabus about?

Since the O-level Chemistry has already established the foundation for understanding chemistry as a science, the A-level Chemistry syllabus has more advanced topics centered around “matter” and the atomic structure. More often than not, the topics from the O-level Chemistry syllabus will still be tackled in the A-level but in a more in-depth manner. Here are some of the topics included:

  • The Atomic Structure for Various Types of Matter
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Theories of Acids and Bases
  • More in-depth analysis of the periodic table of elements
  • Kinetics, Thermodynamics and Chemical Energy
Is H2 Chem difficult?

H2 Chemistry is one type of Chemistry subject being offered in the Junior College scheme. H2 means “higher 2” which directly entails that it is more complicated than the basic chemistry lessons. H2 Chem is difficult, however, for students who are persevering and with the help of a good JC H2 Chemistry tutor, excellence is possible.

How do you get to H2 in chemistry?

There are three types of chemistry subjects being offered in the Junior College, H1, H2 and sometimes H3. As you enter Junior College, you will be required to take either two H1 Chemistry subjects and one H2 Chemistry or two H2 Chemistry depending on your academic performance.

What is the difference between H1 and H2 chemistry?

While both subjects are being offered for Junior College students, H2 Chemistry is relatively more difficult than H1 Chemistry. Thus, it is normal for Junior College students to look for A-level Chemistry Tuition or JC H2 Chemistry tuition to help them with their studies.

How long is chem paper 3?

Chemistry paper 3 is a national exam paper that usually lasts for two hours. Thus, preparing for taking your Chem paper is crucial to score a good grade. It is advisable to get the help of an A-level Chemistry tutor since most of the time students can only start to work on their papers after the school term.

Is H2 Chemistry easy?

H2 Chemistry is complicated but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to learn. Should you plan on taking a degree in Chemistry, enrolling in A-level Chemistry tuition will help a lot in understanding chemistry computation better.

How long is an A level chemistry exam?

GCE A-level Chemistry Exam is composed of various H1, H2 and written Chemistry questions, it can be taken in 2-hour duration.