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What is IP Chemistry?

Integrated programme or IP is a 6-year learning programme that leads to International Baccalaureate Diploma, NUS High School Diploma or qualification for the GCE A-Level examination. What sets apart IP schools from the rest is that the students from IP schools will not need to take the GCE O-level examinations that are given in Secondary 4. Among the subjects that can be mastered by the students of IP schools to cement their path for their future is Chemistry.

What is IP Chemistry Tuition About?

When a child is admitted to an IP programme, we almost always think they are “gifted” enough to study by themselves. This is totally wrong. When the gift is there, you have to cultivate it so it grows. Enrolling your child on an IP Chemistry Tuition in Singapore will lead to a more fruitful outcome for his/her future. 

IP Chemistry tuition provides reinforcement on crucial topics including Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding. This is to prepare the students for taking the A-level Chemistry examination. Since IP schools have a different syllabus for the Chemistry subject as compared to other schools, it is very important for the students to familiarise themselves with the topics that will be covered in the examination. A-level JC H2 Chemistry lessons, in particular, are among the topics being focused on in IP Chemistry Tuition centres. 

Benefits of IP Chemistry Tuition

  • It provides a seamless transition for IP students before taking the A-level Chemistry examination or pushing through either the NUS high school programme or the International Baccalaureate programme.
  • It fills in the gap brought by the difference in the Chemistry syllabus used in IP schools and regular schools. This will help the students learn the topics they missed which will later be covered in the examinations. 
  • It will help the students cope with the holistic approach of teaching Chemistry in IP schools. While we have this notion that IP students are brilliant, that doesn’t mean they do not need support. When you enrol your child in an IP Chemistry tuition centre, you are giving him/her the necessary assistance in the learning journey.

What is IP Chemistry Syllabus about?

The main challenge for IP students we encounter in our IP Chemistry Tuition centre is jumping to the common Chemistry syllabus used for A-level Chemistry exams. The syllabus for the chemistry subject used in IP schools is centred around holistic learning, making the lessons more technical and difficult. Thus, when they have to leap to the types of lessons being taught in an A-level Chemistry Tuition, they tend to find it difficult to adjust. 

Thus, Pamela’s Place weaves the IP Chemistry Syllabus and the lessons that IP students need to learn for the examination so that they will find the overall learning experience more enjoyable and comfortable. The syllabus we used for our IP Chemistry Tuition includes:

  • Memorizing key chemistry terminologies
  • Familiarizing the students with Bonding Structure
  • Understanding mole concept and stoichiometry
  • Mastery of Electrolysis, Organic Chemistry and other advanced concepts
  • Guiding the learner with regards to the practical application of chemistry concepts

FAQs about IP Chemistry

Is IP better than O level?

IP or Integrated Programme is an educational scheme that exemplifies students from taking the O-level examinations. It leads to either a qualification for the GCE A-level examination, Baccalaureate Diploma or NUS High School Diploma.

Can IP students take O level?

No, a student is admitted to an IP school and is introduced to a whole new educational scheme. IP students are not required to take the GCE O-level examination and can take the GCE A-level Examination after the six years programme.

What is an integrated chemistry course?

An integrated chemistry course is being offered for IP students who are trying to pursue a career in Chemistry. It is a comprehensive course that allows students to practice critical thinking, understanding difficult scientific concepts and applying them to real life situations.

Do IP students take O levels?

No, Integrated Programme or IP is an alternative educational scheme that exemplifies its students from taking the O-level examination that is being offered for Secondary 4 students.

Is IP school good?

IP school offers a more comprehensive educational track for students who are academically inclined and want to pursue a certain career path in the future. Enrolling your child in an IP school will give him/her a more thorough learning experience especially on the course he/she wished to pursue.