Frequently Asked Questions

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A Chemistry, Biology & Maths Specialist for ‘A’ Level & ‘O’ level .

PAMELA’S PLACE is the fruit of my academic journey. I’ve been a student before, I’ve known a subject to be challenging and had become unmotivated to excel. However, we all have our strengths, and I have perfected mine over the years so I can help you focus on yours. This is my passion and labour. My students are my results and why I am committed to helping more people wholly towards grasping & aceing the subject.

Study Smart, Top the Chart!

Do you offer a trial class as I am unsure if the teaching method will be suitable for me/my child.

Yes we do. Kindly call or whatsapp us to reserve a spot now.

What are the types of lessons that Pamela’s Place provide?

We provide tuition for the following subjects. 

  • O Level Chemistry, A Level H2 Chemistry & IP Chemistry
  • O Level Biology, A Level H2 Biology & IP Biology
  • O Level E-Math, O Level A-Math, A Level H2 Math & IP Math and Higher Mathematics 
Is tuition necessary?

Tuition is not necessary, however, students who receive additional help out of school will generally perform better as they will be provided with additional resources that will help them to learn and understand the subjects better. They will also be exposed to different types of questions which can help them understand how to answer them in a clearer and concise manner.

Are online lessons effective?

With the recent pandemic, most people are switching up to online lessons. These online lessons work the same as physical lessons and take place in the safety of your home.

If the perfect tutor for the student doesn’t live nearby, the online lesson can bring the tutorship right to them.

There is also flexibility with lesson scheduling as you are reducing the travelling time.
There is also easier accessibility to notes where it can be stored in cloud systems and shared with students.

More creative approaches to classes are done to interact with students and grow their knowledge by using online resources available.

What are the classes like?

We provide the following teaching approach in our classes 

  • 1-to-1 in-person tutoring
  • Group in-person tutoring
  • 1-to-1 online tutoring
  • Group online tutoring
What is your class schedule like?

Please drop us a call or whatsapp to find out about the timings of the lessons & class schedule.

Is there homework for me/my child?

Yes. We will have students working on practice questions after class. Homework helps with testing students whether they have fully understood a certain topic or question.

What if I/my child has more questions after lessons?

Students from my class are able to contact me via my mobile number should they have points to clarify after the lesson.

Are there make-up lessons?

Students can attend another class timing should the slot be available, otherwise, the lesson will also be recorded so the student won’t miss a thing!

How are your classes run?

My method that I use in class is Content Comprehension, Knowledge Application, Critical Thinking, Consistent Feedback, Comprehensive Summary Notes and Unlimited Consultations (sometimes even 24-hour support where necessary)

What is the mode of payments for the lesson fees?

We accept cash & paynow/paylah.

When do we need to pay the tuition fees?

Tuition fees are collected at the beginning of the month.

Any rewards if I refer a friend in?

Check in with us!