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Chemistry is an important subject to keep track of if you want to go on to pursue a sought-after course in many STEM fields. Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemical Engineering, Biomed Sciences, etc. are only some of the courses that require an in-depth understanding of chemistry. At Pamela’s Place, I assist secondary, IP, and JC students by helping them understand fundamentals and advanced concepts in an easy way, to give them a leg up in important chemistry examinations and thereby helping them achieve the grade they deserve.

  • ‘O’ Level Pure Chemistry
  • ‘A’ Level H2 Chemistry
  • IP Chemistry


Biology is the study of life and living things– a useful subject that can find its place of importance in courses from many STEM fields from Medicine to Biomedical Sciences to Biotechnology. Biology becomes an easier subject to grasp with Pamela’s Place. Here, secondary, IP and JC students have a chance to study biology at a pace they’re comfortable with, helping them focus better and have a shot at improving their understanding of the subject.

  • ‘O’ Level Pure Biology
  • ‘A’ Level H2 Biology
  • IP Biology


We use mathematics in our daily lives. Even from a young age, we foster an appreciation for it and carry it on to our university years. Mathematics is an indispensable subject that you can find a use for in many popular and esteemed fields such as Business, Accountancy, Pharmacy, Computer Engineering, and much, much more. At Pamela’s Place, secondary, IP, and JC students will get a better grasp of both basic and advanced concepts, so they can have a better shot of improving their school standing.

  • ‘O’ Level E/A Mathematics
  • ‘A’ Level H2 Mathematics
  • IP Mathematics & Higher Mathematics


New Sec 4 and JC classes available for trial lesson.

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