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My passion for learning has resulted in PAMELA’S PLACE. When I was a student, I learned how demotivating it is when the subject at school was challenging. Every one of us has a unique set of abilities, and I’ve developed mine over the years to help you learn and hone yours. This is where I put my time and energy into, in providing A-level, JC and H2 Biology Tuition in Singapore to young students. My students are my accomplishments, which is why I am motivated to assist more people in fully grasping and understanding the subject at a higher level.

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What is A-Level H2 Biology?

A-level Biology Tuition is being offered in Singapore in preparation for the GCE A-level Biology Examination while H2 and JC Biology Tuitions are for supplementary learning while in Junior College. While most students are joining a tuition class to prepare for the exam, some students seeking the help of a Biology tutor are doing so out of the difficulties they experience while learning A-level Biology.

What is A Level H2 Biology tuition about?

A-level JC H2 Biology subjects are being given to JC students who are pursuing a track in Biology. Sometimes, it is given as a single subject per term. Other times, when the student shows potential in learning further concepts in the subject, the school may offer him/her with 2 H2 Biology subjects instead of one. Although the load is a bit more difficult than regular, the student will have a more intensive learning experience which he/she can use in college. This is the very reason why many JC students are enrolling in JC Biology Tuition as well as H2 Biology Tuition in Singapore for preparation. Taking more H2 Biology subjects in Junior College will provide you with a better background should you wish to pursue a degree in Biological Science later on. However, with this type of privilege comes the necessary foundation, that foundation can be attained through A-level Biology Tuition.

Benefits of A-level JC H2 Biology Tuition

  • As A-level JC H2 Biology subjects are gearing towards the human anatomy and various functions of the human body, regular JC students who are not taking a supplementary learning course will find it difficult to understand the lessons and might score low on the exams. We have to understand that learning human anatomy and physiology, not to mention, more complex lessons in zoology and botany like taxonomy, can be overwhelming for JC students. Taking an H2 Biology Tuition can make a good leverage for the student to support his/her studies. 
  • In an H2 Biology tuition, the student will learn the lessons firsthand. Moreover, the students can directly address the grey areas to his/her tutor. It is also helping that the lessons taught in H2 tuition are advanced and can make the student excel in school when that particular topic is being taught. 
  • Since learning H2 Biology signifies that the student has chosen to pursue further education in Biological Sciences, another important aspect of taking H2 tuition is that he/she will be more ready and confident when it comes to explaining the concepts in Biology during critical examinations. This can earn the student a good standing and a greater opportunity to pursue Biology in College.

What is A Level H2 Biology Syllabus about?

A-level JC H2 Biology Syllabus is quite similar to the O-level, however, this one contains more in-depth studies and other topics that are crucial for students who will be pursuing a degree in Biology soon. The syllabus aims to teach students the following:

  • Mastery of the Life Processes for Plants and Animals
  • Understanding Human Anatomy and Introduction to Comparative Anatomy
  • Introduction to taxonomy and other branches of biology
  • Understanding the relation of Biology to other sciences

FAQs about A Level H2 Biology Syllabus

When did H2 Biology syllabus change?

The new H2 Biology syllabus was implemented in 2017. However, changes including new terminologies are reflected in the teaching method later in 2020.

How do I study H2 biology?

JC H2 Biology can be a tough subject to deal with. The best way to study H2 biology is to join A-level Biology tuition and start a comprehensive and more learning conducive setup that is guided by an experienced tutor.

What topics are in A level biology?

There are various topics in A-level Biology which mainly focus on the human body’s function. Some of the topics include: Cells, DNA, Enzymes, Genetics, Evolution and the Impact of Climate Change to Living Things.

How many papers are in A level biology?

Just like the GCE O-level examination, A-level Biology also consists of three papers. The entirety of the exam includes multiple choice questions, open response, short open and extended writing questions.

How hard is H2 bio?

H2 Biology is difficult as it includes concepts that are more advanced, need to be memorized and understood since the A-level biology exam has portions for explanations and real-life applications.

How do I study for A level biology?

Enrolling in A-level Biology Tuition can do wonders for your goal of scoring good in the GCE A-level Exam for biology. Should you wish to pursue a career in biology, this will be a good starting point.