Why You Should Build Your Child’s Math Foundations Early On

Much more than just an academic subject to score well in, maths has many benefits in daily life. Strengthening your child’s maths foundation by starting early goes a long way to helping their future. Learn about some of these benefits and how O Level maths tuition centres in Singapore play a part in doing so.

girl learning o level math from teacher

It trains their critical thinking skills.

At Upper Secondary, the academic syllabus grows both in depth and complexity for Maths as well as other subjects. At Secondary 3, students have the option to take Additional (A) Maths, alongside Elementary (E) Maths. A Maths is more challenging and rigorous than E Maths, but is essential for students planning to enroll in H2 Maths in JCs, as well as for specific majors in both polytechnics and universities. 

Located at Bukit Timah, Pamela’s Place provides quality math tuition to students starting from Secondary 3 onwards and helps them excel at both E and A Maths. Students are exposed to effective strategies and problem solving techniques to not only help them score maximum marks in their exams, but also build up their critical thinking skills to rapidly apply proper formulas to novel questions posed in exams. In turn, this keeps them sharp and ready to tackle new challenges even as they move to higher education and eventually step into the workforce, particularly for data-driven fields in the global knowledge economy.

It helps them handle daily tasks.

As students enter into their teenage years, they are naturally expected to be more independent and handle daily tasks, such as budgeting their purchases based on their own allowance, taking ownership of their own savings, or taking up part-time jobs for added income. This requires self-discipline, self-control, and the ability to use logic to weigh pros and cons effectively. With its systematic and structured nature of deriving answers, maths plays a valuable role in helping students navigate daily life.

Through constantly practicing maths early on, students build up the mindset and skills to use in daily life; helping them use their money, time, and energy more wisely and make better decisions. Our O Level math tuition centre in Singapore also offers intensive crash courses nearer to the O and A Levels, which challenge students with difficult questions while being supplemented with useful summary notes and formula ‘cheat sheets’ for easy reference and application, further reinforcing said mindset and academic ability.

It grows their confidence.

Students in Singapore will constantly encounter more complex topics and problems not just in secondary school but in JCs and tertiary education, as well as when they step into their careers. This is particularly daunting especially for O-Level students entering JC, where the heavier academic workload and focus on self-study can quickly lead to constantly lagging behind their peers, performing poorly academically, and losing self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

By strengthening their foundations early on with help from O Level math tuition centres in Singapore, students are able to trust in their own skills as they encounter new challenges in their studies. Our patient tutor provides ample attention to each student, helping them work through their own individual strengths and weaknesses and building up their academic abilities and confidence. Beyond that, our tutor also offers coaching and guidance even outside of tuition hours, rallying alongside them and helping them excel in their exams.

Interested in equipping your child for their future? Get in touch with our math tuition centre located at Bukit Timah and sign up for a trial lesson today!

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