Helping Your Child Stay Focused On Studying Math At Home

girl learning o level math
girl learning o level math

With the current measures of social distancing and staying at home, students find themselves studying at home more frequently compared to in school or with their friends. Here are some tips to help your child stay focused and study effectively at home as they practice for their JC or O Level exams, supplemented with help from math tuition centres in Singapore.

Create a conducive space for learning.

A conducive space goes a long way to helping your child study effectively, be it self-practice and revision or attending online O Level or JC math tuition classes in Singapore. Not only does it remove distractions such as noise and movement by other family members, it also lets your child decorate and personalise their space, helping them to be more comfortable and study effectively.

Ideally, the study space should be some distance away from your child’s bed, minimising the temptation to use it to study which can lead to less effective retaining of concepts and productivity. In addition, keeping the study space clean and organised helps to save time for your child, instead of rummaging to find their study notes or revision papers which can create unnecessary frustration.

Set a proper schedule.
While students naturally want to spend time pursuing their passions and being with their peers, the national exams require discipline and focus to score well and improve students’ future prospects. This is particularly so for O Level students facing one of their first major national exams, and who may not always have the discipline to dedicate time to studying.

A proper schedule helps students to organise their time, with the flexibility to schedule breaks and power naps, balance out multiple subjects, as well as granting sufficient time to enjoy leisure activities while avoiding burnout. It also provides motivation for students, knowing that they can look forward to various incentives after completing their studies for the day. Parents can further help by following up on their children’s progress and feedback to their O Level math tuition teachers to see how to further optimise their study schedules.

Keep a daily planner.

A daily planner can be either physical or digital, and helps your child to practice effective time management and achieve their study goals. This is especially helpful for JC content which is much more in depth and rigorous and difficult to cram, requiring students to set daily revision and practice goals and prepare for assignments and tests set by schools as well as math tuition centres in Singapore

A planner helps students break down their content into manageable chunks, making them feel less overwhelmed and able to overcome academic challenges. JC math tuition further supplements Singaporean students through providing extensive revision sessions and concise notes. Many tutors are fully committed to their students’ success, responding and resolving students’ queries across the day as they practice their papers and allowing them to effectively practice and improve.

Encourage active note taking.

One common issue students face is neglecting to take notes while watching online lectures, due to the hassle and assuming that they can absorb, retain, and apply the content being taught. Maths in particular is an application-heavy subject, requiring students to not only recall but effectively apply concepts they learn in exam questions, which often lead students to score poorly due to a lack of note taking and practicing.

By taking the time to do active note taking, students are able to focus on areas they are weaker in and seek help from their math tuition tutors. As tutors work through these problems with them, students are able to quickly recognise and apply the right formulas and strategies required for application, saving time during exams and helping them score higher.

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