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PAMELA’S PLACE is the outcome of my love for learning. As a student, I discovered how demotivating it can be when a subject, such as Mathematics, is difficult to grasp. But I do believe that w e all have our own set of skills that can help us cope with the lessons. My mission in life is to help you discover these skills by offering Math Tuition in Bukit Timah. This is where I devote my effort and time, in teaching my students to excel in the subject. My accomplishments are my students, which is why I am determined to help more learners understand and learn the subject at a deeper level.

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Weekly Classes
E/A Mathematics at IP/’O’ Level

My up-to-date weekly sessions for IP and O-Level Math Tuition in Singapore are designed specifically for secondary school students. In order to do well in exams, students who are tutored by me will be given a variety of questions to practice until they are mastered and comprehended the principles of the topic as well as acquaint themselves with formulae and concepts to complex Math problems.

Weekly Classes
H2 Mathematics ‘A’ Level

My weekly up-to-date classes for Secondary Maths Tuition in Bukit Timah are designed specifically for students in Years 5-6 and JC 1 to JC 2. Students will be regularly drilled with exam-typed examples, imbibe with A* tactics to tackle a variety of hard Mathematics topics and acquire quality problem-solving skills to propel them towards their desired A grade in these progressive lessons under our JC and H2 Math Tuitions.

Crash Courses
‘A’ / ‘O’ Level E/A Mathematics

My intensive crash courses for Maths Tuition in Bukit Timah are held in June, Sept/Oct onwards and are uniquely catered to students who need a refreshment towards major topics for examinations. These intensive classes will be complemented with concise summary notes and useful formulas for applications. Students are exposed to recent year prelim papers & questions from various top schools as well as challenging questions compiled only at Pamela’s Place.

Only @ PAMELA’S PLACE, students are coached and guided during and even outside of tuition hours!

Any subject from Chemistry to Biology to Mathematics! Any time! I’m always here to help!

Be one of the many that has jumped 3 grades or more @ Pamela’s Place!

My Methodology

Content Exposure

To combat complex mathematics problems, varieties of questions from each topic will be covered extensively, with the goal to provide as much exposure to different kinds of questions and the affiliated answering strategies to them.

Strategy Application

Understanding the fundamentals of the subject, students are then coached to utilize various strategies and develop problem-solving skills. Overtime, many of my students come to better appreciate and apply these formulas learned to inter-topics.

Consistent Feedback

Quizzes would be implemented from time to time to monitor the learning progress of students. This is to highlight key areas that requires attention and to administer timely remedy so as to improve learning consistently.

Comprehensive Summary Notes

Learning from textbooks and school notes can be overwhelming. For easier study and revision, I have compiled first-class notes with key standard quality answers and cross-topic learning for wholesome revision.

Unlimited Consultations

I understand that revision and learning occurs even outside of tuition hours. Hence, I highly recommend students to clarify their doubts and understanding after classes or even through Whatsapp anytime, any place.

What Students Say?

She constantly asked questions which linked topics together which really improved my understanding of the topic. Ms Pamela gave many challenging questions to practise on which makes me think more in depth and be familiar with various types of questions that can come out for examinations. She also promptly replied to all the questions I had.

Alicia Tan, ‘O’ Level E/A Math, C6 to A1

I really appreciate the way she would answer queries so promptly every time and wouldn’t compromise on the quality of the answers, even on the internet. Her notes were also really super good and succinct but also encompasses all the content needed for exams.

Tanya Rai, ‘A’ Level H2 Math, S to A

Ms Pamela is an understanding and devoted tutor. She never fails to provide timely assistance to her students. Ms Pamela’s notes are clear and concise.

Justin Ng, IP Mathematics, B3 to A1

Exclusive 1-1 Tutoring

Intensive Small-Group Learning

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“I really appreciate the way she would answer queries so promptly every time and wouldn’t compromise on the quality of the answers, even on the internet. Her notes were also really super good and succinct but also encompasses all the content needed for exams.”
– Tanya

“My experience with Ms Pamela was a very pleasant one. She may appear very tough and strict on the outside but she’s very caring on the inside. Her lessons are of GOOD quality and she made me learn to love chemistry a little more.”
– Jaelyn