The Art of Studying Smart to Maximise Success and Minimise Stress

The Art of Studying Smart to Maximise Success and Minimise Stress
The Art of Studying Smart to Maximise Success and Minimise Stress

Education isn’t supposed to be gruelling, as if one is just being put through a results factory. In an ideal world, it should be engaging, holistic, and fulfilling. While the importance of achieving good grades shouldn’t be understated, there are ways to go about it without making students want to pull their hair out. This is especially so in extracurricular classes like O-level chemistry tuition in Singapore and so on. If you’re looking to maximise your child’s grades whilst being mindful of their well-being, here’s a closer look at the art of smart studying that will enhance their educational journey.

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Study Techniques

Study Techniques-chemistry tuition in Singapore

Memorisation is a key part of studying in Singapore, and it is necessary for retaining essential information from almost any subject; chemistry tuition in Singapore, for instance, trains students to commit various chemical formulas to memory. However, due to its repetitive and tedious nature, it would be more effective to adopt study techniques that speed up the learning process and make it more efficient. Two such examples are—spaced repetition and mnemonics; the former involves reviewing information at increasing intervals, allowing your brain to reinforce recollection, while the latter involves creating associations and patterns to remember complex information. It’s worth noting that the latter is a popular way for students to master foreign languages, offering further proof that it is a tried and tested method. If your child is at a crucial stage in his educational journey and is enrolled in programmes like A-level chemistry tuition in Singapore in preparation for their step up to university, it’s better to err on the side of caution with proven techniques.

Time Management

Time Management-biology tuition in Singapore

We often tend to procrastinate on things that we don’t really want to do, and the same can be said for studying. However, that also starts the vicious cycle of never completing what we’re supposed to. There are ways to encourage and improve concentration, such as proper time management. The Pomodoro Technique is a popular time management technique that involves working in focused intervals of about 25 minutes, interspersed with short breaks. This approach minimises burnout whilst helping students maintain concentration and productivity. Additionally, the fact that your child’s studying is now compartmentalised in relatively short periods allows them to focus on different subjects each time so they don’t feel overwhelmed with any one subject. Time management is an important skill that will be taught in programmes like biology tuition in Singapore, as these papers often leave students with a time crunch, and they’re required to make the most out of every minute given to them.

Active Learning

Active Learning-A-level chemistry tuition in Singapore

Simply absorbing information without putting it to use makes for a pretty unproductive learning experience. This is why engaging in active learning methods can transform your child’s study sessions into what its namesake suggests—active exploration and understanding. For instance, problem-solving exercises encourage critical thinking and proper application of concepts to real-world situations that make what your child has learnt more relevant and relatable. Over time, this leads to a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, active learning can also instil a sense of ownership in your child’s learning, and it is this very principle that we strive to impart to our students here at Pamela’s Place, regardless of tuition programme, from biology tuition, to A-level chemistry tuition in Singapore.

Personalised Approach

Personalised Approach-chemistry tuition in Singapore

The beauty of the human complex is that every individual learns differently and is stimulated by different studying techniques. This is unfortunately something that can’t be carried out in school as teachers do not have the bandwidth or the time to accommodate every student. Often, this leads to students believing that there is only one way to study. The truth is that they need the time and space to explore their own learning preferences, be it visual, auditory, or something else. Identifying what your child is attuned to can do wonders for their studying, as they now have a method that piques their interest and keeps them engaged. When it comes to chemistry tuition in Singapore, for example, some students learn better by watching videos, while others prefer regularly performing experiments. By allowing them to thrive in their preferred environment, students will feel more motivated and confident.

Achieving academic success doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavour. With our tuition programmes, we take the shackles off your child and help them soar to new academic heights. For more information about what we offer, please visit our website.

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