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Teaching has always been more of a passion than a job for me. I teach core subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics to young learners in Singapore in hopes that they top the examinations that serve as a gateway towards reaching their dreams. Providing the best chemistry and biology tuition as well as maths tuition in Singapore has been my career for many years and I find my fulfillment in helping my students do well in their academics.

Meet Pamela

As a tutor, I understand and respect that every learner has their own learning style, strength and limitation. By tailoring my teaching method to the learning needs of my students, I am able to meet them halfway through the learning journey. For instance, while providing chemistry tuition that involves solving complex formulas and understanding scientific principles, I tend to cross check my students’ knowledge of the previous topics while teaching them the current lesson. This way, they learn things without merely memorizing them and ensure upkeep of knowledge retention. Likewise, when I am providing maths tuition, I always keep in mind that most students struggle with this subject so my task as their tutor is to provide them with an avenue where they can see mathematical problems as more of a real life situation and not just equations. Even with Biology tuition, I consistently expose students to a variety of application questions pertaining to respective topics, imbibing them with relevant answering technique skills to score for national examinations.

Here at Pamela’s Place, there is a room for excellence for every learner! Here,  we learn, develop critical thinking skills and achieve more together!

Why did I choose to be a tutor?

Being a tutor is one of the most fulfilling careers one can ever experience. There is something about seeing these diligent students do their best to reach their dreams which never fail to touch my heart. Being with students at every step of their learning journey and achieving the success they deserve is both stimulating and motivating. As a passionate learner myself, I wish to give them the assistance they need to make those dreams possible. I’ve been a student once, I recognise and understand the struggles of doing the best one desires. It can be both vexing and frustrating to try to do best with the hardest of efforts but attain with subpar results. Hence, providing the best biology and chemistry tuition in Singapore as well as maths tution, I know I can pave the way for these learners to reach their full potential. As a tutor, I am always dedicated to finding ways to meet the learning needs of my students and make sure that they will take the examinations with confidence and adequate knowledge.

The Subjects Being Offered at Pamela’s Place

Here at Pamela’s Place, learners will get to experience hands-on tutoring for core subjects under science and mathematics. Below are the tuitions being offered for our learners:

Chemistry Tuition

Many students find chemistry as one of the most mind boggling subjects. The volume of scientific principles that need to be memorized and understood combined with complex chemical equations will surely feel intimidating for learners who are not too interested in facts and figures. On the other hand, students who love chemistry may wish for advanced knowledge in the subject in preparation for their college studies. Thus, we offer various levels of Chemistry tuition to help students learn this subject effectively no matter their goals. With the proper guidance, you can excel in a subject that you used to find challenging.

Mathematics Tuition

Dubbed as the Achilles’ heel for many students in secondary schools & Junior Colleges, Mathematics is a subject that learners find challenging. This should not be the case at all since one can apply Mathematics at almost every aspect of his daily life. However, the overwhelming figures and complex formulas paired with the distractions inside the classroom such as noisy seatmates, hot atmosphere, and lack of time to address to the teacher the areas you find difficult can all contribute to students’ low performance. But I personally believe that Singaporeans are good at Mathematics, we are after all, recognized globally in this subject. Thus, Pamela’s Place offers maths tuition in Singapore.

Biology Tuition

Biology should be one of the subjects that we find relatable and intriguing as students. Why? Because it discusses living organisms, including us humans. It’s supposed to open our consciousness about ourselves. However, for most times, students are overwhelmed with the many topics being discussed in biology and the way to craft quality answers to scoring for examinations. This is one of the reasons why students fail to perform well in this subject. Whether you are among those students or you want to excel in biology as you wished to be part of the industry someday, our Biology tuition will help you! Here at Pamela’s Place, you can learn biology in a non-stressful and engaging way to suit your learning style.

My Teaching Methodology

The many years of teaching experience led me to realize that there is a hidden talent out of every learner. This talent can be used to fill up what he is lacking in his studies. Although not everyone is born a genius, we are all gifted with ways to overcome our deficiencies. While providing chemistry and biology tuition as well as ordinary and secondary maths tuition, I came to understand that a teaching methodology must mean more than just a process. It must be a way, a philosophy even. Seeing things through this perspective, I developed a teaching methodology that will be as versatile as my students’ learning styles.

My teaching methodology involves understanding every learner in terms of his strengths, difficulties, interests and learning styles. This way, I am able to modify my teaching style to suit the student’s learning needs. I also tend to answer my students’ questions in a straightforward manner with the answer they can easily understand. While following the textbook is an old but gold principle, I tend to divert from this method from time to time depending on the needs of my students. It is very fulfilling how many students have benefited over the years from my experience and I really hope to encourage many more students towards reaching their distinction.

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