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What is IP Biology?

As part of the Integrated Programme, IP Biology is a subject that is being taught under a 6-year educational programme. IP students are exempted from taking the O-level examination from their Secondary 4, however, since one of the end points of IP is the chance of taking the A-level Examination, IP students will need to master IP Biology as this will be one of the applied subjects covered in the exam. 

What is IP Biology Tuition About?

Although IP students are not required to sit the O level Biology examinations, success in the Secondary 4 End of Year Biology examinations is crucial. When students begin their Junior College studies, their Biology grade from the Secondary 4 End of Year tests will be taken into account.

Furthermore, the IP Biology subject will expand somewhat beyond the O level syllabus and into the JC H2 Biology syllabus. If IP students plan to follow H2 or H1 Biology in Junior College, it is critical that they thoroughly comprehend the subject presented in IP Biology in order to lay a solid foundation for their biology studies in Junior College.

Benefits of IP Biology Tuition

  • Some of the topics addressed in the IP Biology syllabus are parts of the content that students will need if they study H2 or H1 Biology in Junior College. Students will gain a better understanding of such lessons by being exposed to extensive explanations if they have a dedicated IP Biology tutor. As a result, pupils will have a head start on JC Biology.
  • One of the advantages of one-on-one IP Biology tutoring is that tutors can tailor the pace of the class to the student’s abilities. one on one IP Biology tutors can also devote more time to areas that are challenging for their pupils, while moving at a faster pace on topics that are simpler.
  • Results remain a significant component of students’ lives, and the primary purpose of IP Biology tutoring is to assist students in improving their Biology exam scores. Our IP Biology tutors recognize the importance of achieving good Biology grades and are dedicated to assisting students in achieving their goals.

What is IP Biology Syllabus about?

The IP Biology curriculum is slightly different from the O level Biology curriculum. IP Biology students are given slightly additional material, which might range from real-world applications of biology knowledge to a quick summary of topics covered in the JC Biology curriculum.