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PAMELA’S PLACE is the fruit of my academic journey. I’ve been a student before, I’ve known a subject to be challenging and had become unmotivated to excel. However, we all have our strengths, and I have perfected mine over the years so I can help you focus on yours. This is my passion and labour. My students are my results and why I am committed to helping more people wholly towards grasping & aceing the subject.

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What is IP Maths & Higher Mathematics?

When it comes to approaching numerical, geometrical and trigonometric problems, IP Maths have an advantage over their counterparts.  IP students are continually pushed to undertake their own analysis and test out various solutions, in addition to being exposed to the necessary approaches. IP math students are taught to explore their own errors and encouraged to learn from them, creating a holistic learning experience for the learners.

What is IP Maths Tuition About?

While getting an exemption to the GCE O-level Math Exam has several benefits including having more time to focus on learning your field of interest, it also comes with drawbacks. One of the end goals of an IP student is the opportunity to take the GCE A-level Mathematics. Hence, learning the O-level Maths and A-level Maths can still be necessary to be able to score high on the exam and IP Math has a different syllabus.

Although there are many tuition centres offering A-level Math tuition in Singapore for those who will be taking the GCE exam, IP students may not fit in on this tuition. Since they have a specialised learning journey for the Mathematics subject, they have to join a specific class that can bridge the gap between their programme and the A-level exam coverage. IP Math Tuition does just that.

IP Math Tuition provides a course outline that is tailored based on the existing syllabus for Mathematics as taught in IP schools. Thus, enrolling in an IP Math Tuition is a seamless process of transitioning to advanced level Mathematics for degree and diploma courses.

What is IP-Math Syllabus about?

In order to get to university, IP students must do well in their GCE A-Level examinations. They will only receive the PSLE certificate if they do not do so. To do well in GCE A-Levels, students must develop a firm foundation by mastering the fundamental concepts learned in secondary school.

IP Math Syllabus provides the lessons taught in E-Maths and A-Maths since they are also often covered in the GCE exam, only that they are more in-depth so a more comprehensive learning is necessary. Apart from that, the syllabus also gives emphasis on improving critical thinking and numeracy reasoning skills that are previously hone in IP Math classes.