O Level Math Tuition

What is an O-level Math Tuition?

When you ask a student about the subject in school he finds most difficult, math is probably the first answer. Many students are struggling with the mathematics subject, even at the ordinary level. Ordinary level or O-level Math includes the Math topics being taught at school. Even though it is true that not every student will eventually choose to study Math in their Junior College and College learning career, it is still necessary to take O-level Mathematics seriously. Hence, taking O-level Math Tuition in Singapore is important.

While it is true that there are many students who are struggling in Mathematics, the claim that the reason behind that is the difficulty of the subject itself is false. Based on our experience as a centre for O-level Math Tuition, most students who are having difficulty in learning O-level Maths are experiencing lack of interest, anxiousness to learn, and lack of self-confidence. They saw Mathematics as a complex subject that is only for the “geniuses” and is difficult to understand for average students. Thus, they fall behind in classes and will only show the learning difficulties when the exam results are out. From our perspective, it is true that learning mathematics for students who are not so fond of numbers can be difficult in a classroom setting. Why? Because there are many learners with various learning styles inside a classroom, it is not to mention that there are also a couple of students who excel in Mathematics in their class which can make the subject intimidating for them.

In an O-level math tuition, the students will have a one on one learning experience with the tutor. This way, the student can quickly address his difficulties to the tutor. Meanwhile, the tutor can design a specific learning approach that will fit the learner’s capabilities. This is the reason why taking O-level Math tuition as early as possible is a good decision for parents and learners alike.

Difference between O level and JC level

O-level Math Tuition pertains to ordinary level mathematics. The lessons being taught in this tuition cover the ones being taught in the academic curriculum. Thus, O-level tuition is supplementary learning for students who are having difficulty at school. While there are many students who are skipping an O-level tuition for Math, this tuition is necessary for a good transition from secondary school to junior college. Many skills, and not merely concepts, are being taught in O-level Math tuition which are very much necessary to earn a passing grade in many examinations.

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