O Level Chemistry Tuition

What is an O level Chemistry Tuition?

O-level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore, which is short for Ordinary level Chemistry, is the first tuition level in a particular subject under the Cambridge Educational System that is one of the basis of Singapore’s educational curriculum. While A-level and JC-level tuition are quite popular for tutoring services as those two aim to hone the student’s talent and skills in the particular subject, O-level tuition has its own importance. In O-level chemistry tuition, students who are struggling with their general chemistry subjects can have the proper guidance they need to pass the O-level examination.

Let’s face it, chemistry is a complex subject and not every student can take it like a piece of cake. Aside from the scientific concepts that are already difficult to grasp, chemistry has mathematical equations that need to be solved. Thus, for students who are having difficulty understanding abstract concepts and memorizing formulas and principles, it is quite difficult to cope up with chemistry subjects. 

While it is not the track your child is aiming to pursue in Junior College, chemistry is still one of the subjects that the students need to pass in order to advance to Junior College. Chemistry is also among the subjects that are included in the measurement of the global competitiveness of the students. Thus, we need to work hand in hand to make our students proficient in the chemistry subject. O-level chemistry tuition is a way to improve the proficiency in chemistry. 

Difference between O-level, A-level, and JC level

O-level Chemistry tuition in Singapore aims to help the regular students understand and gain proficiency in the chemistry subjects being taught at school. On the other hand, A-level and JC level tuitions are meant to prepare the students for advanced learning. Although O-level is not as difficult as A-level or JC level, we are not looking at these tuitions according to the content of the course syllabus, but rather, to the capabilities of the students to handle the topics. With every student comes specific learning needs, and even though not every student is born gifted in a particular subject doesn’t mean that tutors will let them fall behind. We tutors see our students as individual learners rather than a class. Thus, we are giving the needed attention to each and every level be it O-level, A-level, and JC level.

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