A Level Chemistry Tuition

What is an A-level Chemistry Tuition?

Are you a student in secondary level who wished to pursue the field of Chemistry in Junior College? Or are you a student in Junior College who is struggling in your Chemistry subjects? A-level Chemistry tuition in Singapore might just be what you are looking for!

A-level Chemistry Tuition is a program specifically designed for students who are pursuing a course in Chemistry. It is not, however, exclusive to the Chemistry students. A-level stands for advanced level which means that the topics being discussed in the tuition is at a higher level compared to the O-level. Chemistry topics taught under this tuition level also include the ones that are not taught in pure chemistry under the secondary curriculum. Thus, if you missed those topics or have difficulty in those areas, taking A-level tuition in Chemistry is a great solution to bridge the gap. 

Taking advanced level chemistry tuition will also be helpful for students who are interested in the Chemistry subject. As A-level Chemistry Tuition has more complex topics and is advanced for secondary level students, a student who is interested in this particular subject will find the tuition challenging and fun. A-level Chemistry Tuition will hone their minds further into the in-depth areas of the subject. It entails that their understanding of the Chemistry subjects will be more analytical and thorough as compared to the other students in their level. Thus, one can say that A-level chemistry is a supplementary course for students gifted in the particular subject.

Further, as mentioned above, some students in Junior College are taking the A-level tuition to improve their performance in the chemistry subjects included in their learning tracks. Thus, even when you are not really into the subject and are taking a different learning track, the A-level tuition for chemistry subject is still a helpful push to your studies. 

What is the difference between A-level, JC level and O-level Chemistry?

A-level chemistry tuition in Singapore aims to provide the learner with more advanced knowledge in the field of Chemistry. The topics included in the advanced level tuition are far more complex than those in the O-level and the ones being taught in school. The A-level chemistry tuition is also designed to help aspiring students earn a passing grade on the A-level examinations, earning the necessary requirements to pass the JC chemistry tracks. 

Meanwhile, JC chemistry tuition is designed to help the Junior College students in their chemistry subjects in Junior College. A-level tuition, unlike JC chemistry tuition, is more centred to honing the students’ skills and knowledge in an advanced phase. Thus, the topics and teaching methodology for A-level chemistry is different from the JC level.

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